Sunday, March 2, 2008

Go for Shine now...Nah!!

Honda Shine

For me purchase of Honda Shine was a good buy at that time (20 months ago)...As I don’t
like the looks of Discover and Glamor was no option because of its
pathetic 9 bhp power output...Yamaha Gladiator too was an option
then but it was not that luring too...Zeus was then and even now a
piece of crap...Scene is much changed now...Discover 135 is a hell of a
bike....At 13.1 bhp it nearly matches the performance of older
generation Pulsar 150...Gladiator too is in all black paint scheme and
alloy wheels now...So if I have to choose a bike now I’ll NOT go for
Shine...But at that point of time it was a good buy...Choice was
between alloy wheels of Discover and Disc brakes of Shine...And I
preferred the later...Put in your views on this..As far as my satisfaction is considered....Well I like the pickup of this bike which is great even better than Pulsar 150 but only uptil 60 kmph....After that the engine is plain irking...Didn’t expected that from Honda....If you shamelessly go above 60 kmph the fellow roadsters will give you a look that you are drunk and on a killing spree...It gives an impression to the person you just overtook at speed above 60 that you are a reckless driver even though you may be driving a hell lot better than him....If you can overlook this...Go on... On all other aspects this bike is either average or above average...One more thing this is not as fuel effiecient as it claim to be...So if you are buying bcoz it is fuel efficient...Don’t be fooled...There are better alternatives

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