Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kenneth Cole: From Shoes to Watches

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Kenneth Cole selling shoes out of the back of a truck trailer in front of Bryant
Park, U.S. As of now Kenneth Cole has diversified its portfolio into bags, sunglasses, belts, jewelry, ties, fragrances and most importantly things of our interest i.e. Watches.

That was a prologue. Honestly speaking I never heard of Kenneth Cole before. It was 2 days before 24th March when a special person brought a packet with her who eventually is also a MS’er. I opened the packet and even before opening I somehow has the hunch of this being very special. Every gift is special by the way. But still...

What I saw was so beautiful that I couldn’t lift my gaze of it. A moment before I was angry with her as she also bought a Waterman Charleston fountain pen and a Vintage Sunglass collection piece. I was busy giving lectures to her about her being extravagant whilst opening the box of Kenneth Cole. All that was gone for a moment; it was the moment in which I saw my watch.

Coming to the watch itself, it is a black croc leather strapped & rectangularly encased timepiece. The beauty of the watch is in its partially exposed movements. One can clearly see the gears and springs working and providing the necessary mechanical energy to the hands of the watch. The gears and springs looks so delicate that you don’t want to jerk your hands to avoid damage to the watch. Though the watch doesn’t disappoint in this manner too as it has the capacity to withheld shocks. It is only in one’s mind because he gotta see what he gotta shouldn’t. As it is like seeing an open heart beating inside a man’s body. The back side of the watch also is exposed. The jewels or rubies can be seen and in fact the derrière of the watch is more attractive than the frontal side. It is a pity that it can’t be a mode of show off unlike J.Lo.

Technically it is a simple analogue 3 hand movement watch. It is a mechanical automatic watch and not a quartz one. So one has to take care of this baby. Mechanical watches need servicing at regular intervals which is generally 3-4 years. As most of the watches manufactured now are water resistant this one too is. Though can’t comment upto what level. Must be 30 atm at least.

Overall in less than a weeks time I am addicted to this. One of the reasons may be and should be is that it is a gifted one and the person saved money from her salary for past 6 months. The other impartial reason is it is really very good watch.

Swapnsand, If you are reading this Thank you very much for this gift.

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