Monday, March 3, 2008

Jodha Akbar:- Excellent movie though short of Classic

Jodha Akbar starts with historical narration from Amitabh Bachchan..Then comes controversial Hemu Bairam Khan fight..It seems that Ashutosh had made up his mind showing Hemu as a barbarian and Mughals
as benevolent..The person who played the character of Hemu looked like just out of jungle..Still O.K Sequence..Then came the real beauty of characters...Akbar played by Hrithik looked like Akbar and has the authority of a king..How young Akbar managed to mark his presence as a ruler and not a puppet in hands of Bairam Khan is commendable...The scene where Hrithik asks Bairam Khan to go to Mecca brings a sense of euphoria in the cinema hall public...Smiles everywhere...The fear inspired by the eyes of Akbar looks real in many situations...But still the first half because of its length bores you at some points...It is not that scenes are not good it is just you just wanna need a break...

Jodha Akbar romance is some what OK but not great..The alliance between Jodha and Akbar was a contract not romance...And it is highly unlikely that in real life Akbar Jodha did had a romantic relationship..Consider it as a work of fiction then it is ok..Aishwariya portrayed Jodha well with all the grace of a Rajput princess...Kulbushan Kharbanda looked rustic as Jodha’s father...And either the role was not well written or he didn’t justified it is not clear...He was so confused...The elephant fight scene of Hrithik was like adding unwanted masala and didn’t gel with the story...Why the hell would a king fight with an elephant and that too bare handed...It was customary to go on shikaar and that too with full forces and protection..Not digested..

Maha Manga and Jodha part was typical of Saas Bahu and I remember Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki sort of feeling..Totally unnecessary..Though mind you Maha manga part was brilliantly portrayed by Ila Arun..It was her performance that theses scenes can be tolerated

The songs were good especially Khwaja mere khwaja...Dance was a bit unusual though....Hrithik joining Sufi dancers and maniacal dancing looks unreal..But then again there are historical facts to support the fact that Akbar was inclined towards Sufism and its spiritural powers...Another good song was Ajeemoshan Shahanshah...This song made up the mood craeting a bigger than life image of Akbar...There is a scene in between this song where some ordinary junta people recognized that Hrithik met them in an ordinary citizen’s disguise..The nod of Hrithik too recognizing them is brilliant depiction..

Lastly the fight scene between Akbar and Sharif uddin was brilliant....This film is made by keeping Mughalian side in view and praising their works...But only the good side is shown while the bad part remains hidden..Good movie still..Can be a bit impartial though...

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